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Why Scale Calibration Matters

When your commercial business or industrial operation depends upon the regular use of a scale system, it’s crucial that said scales are as accurate as possible. Even if you’ve had a scale for several years, ideally you want it to be operating as if it were brand new each and every single day. Unfortunately, there are several reasons that even the most reliable of scales can begin to lose accuracy and require professional adjustment services. This adjustment process is referred to as “calibration,” and being aware of when and why your scales require calibration will help you to maintain a scale that is as accurate as possible for years to come. 

What Is Scale Calibration?

Calibration is a process used to determine the accuracy of a system, in this case, a weight scale system, that determines the relationship between two unknown quantities. In order for this process to work, one of these quantities must act as a control and act as the “known quantity.” The calibration weights used in this process have been previously measured on an accurate scale device, and are then compared to your own scale under similar circumstances. If there is a discrepancy between the control weight’s pre-determined mass and what is recorded on the scale being calibrated, then that scale needs to be adjusted accordingly. 

Why Do Industrial Scales Need to Be Calibrated?

The purpose of scale calibration is to ensure that businesses and industrial operations are achieving the highest level of accuracy possible using reliable measurements. Even the most dependable scales, having been professionally calibrated at the beginning of their lifespan, can begin to waver in their accuracy due to factors such as the passage of time and frequency of use. In order to maintain accuracy in your industrial scales, professional calibration services should be a routine component in your scale maintenance program. Keeping a high standard for accuracy in your scale systems ensures that you can rely on your scale data and assures your customers that you’ve done your due diligence in keeping accurate weight data. 

In addition to maintaining a high standard for accuracy, routine calibration services can also serve as an opportunity for professional scale technicians to identify potential scale problems early and provide any needed repairs. Routine maintenance will save you money over the lifespan of your scale system since calibration and small repairs are generally much less expensive than replacements and the losses you may be accruing from an inaccurate scale. 

When Is It Necessary to Calibrate Your Scales?

There are many common scenarios that require the use of scale calibration services. The most vital calibration for your scale system occurs when you install a brand new scale. Before you ever use the scale for commercial or industrial purposes, performing professional calibration on the scale guarantees that you are beginning with accurate measurements. 

In addition to always calibrating a new scale, calibration services should also be utilized:

  • When any modifications or repairs have been made to the scale.
  • Prior to any extremely important measurements being recorded.
  • Directly after crucial measurements.
  • Following any shock, damage, or other potentially damaging events that could adversely affect the scale’s performance.
  • As part of a routine maintenance program.

By adhering to these calibration guidelines, you will be able to rest assured that your scale system is recording accurate measurements every time that it is being used. Accuracy is essential to any commercial or industrial scale. Whether your scale is brand new or several years old, routine calibration is important to maintain good standing with your customers and prevent your operation from potentially losing a lot of money over time.

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