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What Is A Legal For Trade Certified Scale? 

A legal for trade certified scale is a device that has been inspected and tested by the Bureau of Weights and Measures to ensure its accurate performance. These devices are used in various types of businesses such as grain elevators, fuel stations, grocery stores, retail settings, and more. 

All scales used for commercial purposes must be legal for trade certified. This means that the scale must be accurate within a specific tolerance in order to ensure fair business practices. The Bureau inspects and tests these scales regularly to maintain their certification.

What Is A Legal For Trade Certified Scale__

Conducting Business Over A Scale

Any time the cost of a service or good is determined by weight, you need a legal for trade certified scale. When a company uses a legal for trade certified scale, it is important to keep records of all measurements to show that they are accurate. The records should also indicate the weight and time of the transaction, as well as the type and serial number of the scale used. Whenever a scale is sold or moved to another location, it should be rechecked by an inspector from the Bureau of Weights and Measures. Your scale should also be calibrated regularly.

Get Accurate Measurement Of Products

If you are in need of a legal for trade certified scale, we can help. Our truck scales are certified and will provide you with consistent, accurate measurements. The Bureau of Agriculture is required by law to execute these functions: measure and deliver wholesale and retail goods, observe the quality of motor fuel products sold within the state, and maintain laboratories for metrology standards and grain moisture measurement. They will regularly inspect your scale and can also provide metrology calibrations for low costs. If you’d like more information about legal for trade certified scales, including how the certification process works, contact the team at Walz Scales.

Looking for legal for trade certified scales for your business? Look no further than Walz Scale. We provide truck scales and precision weighing systems for a wide range of industries, and we also offer truck scale rentals. Contact us today to get started.


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