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Truck Scales & Precision Weighing Systems

Truck ScaleS

Walz Scale is a leading global supplier and service support provider of heavy-duty truck scales and precision weighing systems for use in transportation, agriculture, chemical, laboratory, aggregate, waste, recycling and mining applications. For nearly half a century, Walz Scale has been providing the highest level of weighing products and local support to our customers.

Onboard Scales

Walz OnBoard is your single source for mobile on-board truck scales and weighing systems for mining, agricultural farm scales, construction, aggregate, and other industry applications that thrive with onboard weighing systems. These advanced solutions range from on-board truck scales for articulated haul trucks to on-board material handler scales.

Volumetric Scanners

Walz Volumetric Scanner is your single source for volumetric measurement systems. Our extensive volumetric management systems provide operations with advanced tools for managing vehicle, belt and stockpile volumes. Volumetric load scanners offer an effective solution to tangible weighing systems.

Rail Scales

Our comprehensive rail scale solutions are widely used in many rail way operations, from agriculture and recycling, to chemical and mining applications. Our rail scales are installed in the railroad track and can be configured to weigh the train in-motion as the car passes over the rail scale system.

Walz Scale offers multiple rail scales for various types of railcars and trains. Our rail scales include the following: NTEP approved “Legal-For-Trade” rail car weighing, railcar axle scales, and in-motion rail scale systems. Whether you need portable rail scales for versatility, or are looking to rent a rail scale for short-term use, we deliver individually-tailored solutions to meet your demands.

Industrial Scales

Walz Scale is your single source for industrial truck scales, onsite services, calibration, and various other weighing systems for freight, shipping, retail, and more. Spanning from heavy duty axle scales and wheel weighers to pallet jack scales and floor scales, Walz Scale delivers a full spectrum of industry-leading weighing solutions for a wide range of needs and applications.