Industrial Scales

Automated Kiosks & Ticketing

Improving more than just speed and accuracy, Printer Automated Ticketing Kiosk systems offer state-of-the-art features like RFID, vehicle recognition, and a durable, weatherproof design. Customize our Automated Ticketing Kiosk systems with a host of optional accessories like traffic lights and remote displays. Automate your traffic flow, maximize productivity and keep vehicles moving efficiently to gain other benefits like improved safety and reduced labor costs.
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Bench Scales

Walz Scale provides a large choice of industrial bench scales suitable for your particular needs and environment. With available capacities from 1lb up to 600lbs and our bench scales' rugged construction, Walz Scale can supply you with a bench scale system that meets your application. All Walz Scale bench scale products offer maximum operator convenience with outstanding displays and innovative weighing functions for high efficiency in daily work as well as ingress protection up to IP69k for heavy wash down applications. Our scale bases are heavy-duty and optionally available with stainless steel construction. Our bench scales offer simple operation and overload protection to provide an efficient, durable and long-lasting industrial weighing system for all of your shipping or in-house weighing needs.
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Industrial checkweighers from Walz Scale feature stainless steel construction and large digital displays. Our check weighing scales offer a variety of communication options,  IP69K environmental protection, as well as overload protection and the ability to display multiple units of measure.
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Counting Scales

Our counting scales feature large digital displays with the ability to display multiple units of measure. We build every counting scale to be rugged and long-lasting, with single or dual base models available. Our counting scales offer simple operation to the end user and provide various communication output options to interface with your existing systems.
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Floor Scales & Pallet Scales

Our line of low-profile floor and pallet scales includes a wide variety of industrial scales with weighing ranges from 1000 lbs to more than 50,000 lbs. The rugged weighing platforms are suitable for daily use in dry and wet areas. By combining these pallet scales with our wide range of operating terminals, we can offer you effective system solutions for all your floor scale and pallet scale applications. Our pallet scales and floor scales are available in multiple models and include NTEP approval.
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Load Cells

We offer load cells for every weighing application. Our load cells are constructed with either mild steel or stainless steel and available in a wide range of capacities. Our load cells offer overload protection, environmentally protected construction and custom designs are available for your specific load cell needs.
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Pallet Jack Scales

Walz Scale lift truck scales and pallet jack scales allow you to weigh your load on the spot for maximum efficiency. All of our lift truck scales and pallet jack scales are very user friendly and are suitable for weighing on the move. Digital filtering is used to help compensate for vibration and motion to make the lift truck scales and pallet truck scales smooth and accurate. Our pallet jack scales and lift truck scales are available in either hydraulic or strain guage models. Each model providing benefits to their operation. Some features of our pallet jack scales: Ideal for Most all Lift and Fork Trucks Multiple Capacities Available Overload Protection Heavy Duty Design Digital Scale Indicator Built-in Pallet Jack Scales with Most Attachments
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Remote Displays

Our wide range of outdoor truck scale remote displays provide enhanced visibility of vehicle weights to drivers with our high-intensity LED digits, available in a wide range of sizes to fit any application. Our display units are software configurable and offer multiple communication options. These remote display units are constructed for work in the harshest of environments. With our weather-tight enclosures, our remote truck scale display units provide years of reliable performance.
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Retail Scales

Our retail weighing solutions offer grocery stores and other retail establishments a cost effective and long-lasting retail scale solution. We offer price computing & label printing systems, scales with multiple units of measure, and we have Legal-For-Trade models available.
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Scale Printers

Our truck scale ticket printers offer a turn-key solution to your scale printing needs. Mult-copy tickets are available as an option as well as single or multi-part printers. We offer impact scale printers, thermal transfer truck scale printers, and direct thermal scale ticket printing options. Our durable, field-serviceable design provides long-lasting functionality with efficient on-going maintenance. We also offer custom designed ticket printing to meet your exact scale printing needs. Contact us to learn more on how we can help with your scale printing needs.
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Test Weights

We offer precision cast iron weights for accurate scale calibration, as well as weight kits and calibration certificates. Contact Walz Scale for all of your test weight needs. We offer a variety of capacities and approval classes to meet all your test weight applications.
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Weigh Modules

Our shear beam weighing modules are constructed of either mild steel or stainless steel and designed for long-lasting, heavy duty use. Our tank scales include a home run cable and junction box for easy installation. We also offer heavy capacity application with our double ended shear beam weigh modules for the most demanding of applications. The proven reliability of our tank scales and shear beam weighing modules make it an easy choice for your weighing needs.
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Weighing Terminals & Indicators

Our mild steel and stainless steel weighing terminals offer simple, intuitive operation in an affordable package. Our weigh terminals come with large digital displays, AC and battery operation operations, and programmable indicators offering multiple units of measure. With our tilt and wall stands, the Walz Scale weight terminals are the ideal solution for your weighing needs.
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