Lift Truck Scales

We offer multiple forklift / lift truck scales, both with extreme durability and reliability due to our advanced sensor technology. Our hydraulic model on-board forklift scale system, the LT-100, is an ideal solution for those looking to track production data and freight loads. In-field installation provides consistent weights thanks to our integral weighing system behind our hydraulic forklift scales. Our LT-300 lift truck / forklift scale system provides significantly increased weighing accuracy due to our load cell sensor technology. Features of our lift truck forklift weighing systems: Scale Works With All Lift and Fork Trucks - Lift Truck Scales offer Full Range of Capacities - Hydraulic and Strain Gage Models Available - Load Cell Models Available -


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  • LT-100 Lift Truck Scale


    Economical, entry-level onboard lift truck scale. Easy installation, designed for heavy-duty industrial use, and typical accuracy of 97% or better. Ideal for tracking production data.

  • LT-200 Lift Truck Scale


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    Weigh-in-motion advanced onboard scale system for lift trucks & fork trucks. Simple installation, with an accuracy of 98% or better. Ideal for data tracking and production monitoring.

  • LT-300 Lift Truck Scale

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    Advanced onboard lift-truck scale system with dynamic, in-motion weighing technology. 99% accuracy or better, with Legal-for-Trade options available. Ideal for data tracking and production monitoring.

  • LT-FK Hydraulic Fittings Kit


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    Machine-specific fittings for onboard truck scale systems. Includes various hydraulic fittings and hydraulic hose kit.

  • LT-KT Printer


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    Easy-to-use portable weight ticket printer. Lightweight design for true mobility and crystal-clear, high resolution printing. Supports both text and graphical printing.