Truck Scales

Axle Scales

Walz Scale portable axle scales are designed and constructed to be the industry's most dependable, most accurate, and longest lasting heavy-duty axle scale system on the market today. Our portable axle scales will outperform and outlast most any other axle scale on the market. Our scales are built to work in your tough environments and we offer a wide range of configurations to accommodate your specific implementation needs. We offer a range of different weight capacities, power options, display and print options, pad configurations, optional removable ramps, USB interface options, terminals, transport options, and of course a range of prices to fit your budget.
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Truck Scales

Truck scales are often integral components of a company's throughput and profit stream. Operations that weigh 10 trucks per day, and those that weigh hundreds, both need the most accurate and reliable truck scale systems to ensure that their business is both efficient and profitable. Walz Scale custom-integrated truck scales and weighbridge scale systems offer rugged designs, high performance interface options, and the most advanced technology on the market. Walz Scale truck scales for sale are available in numerous configurations to match the needs of any application, from light farm use to extreme heavy capacity applications. From portable truck scales to grain dump truck scales, Walz Scale is an industry leader for a wide range of advanced weighing solutions.
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Wheel Weighers

Walz portable wheel weigher scales (or axle scales) are constructed to provide accurate vehicle weighing, with weight capacities from 40,000 lbs per axle for our highly-portable base level scale to a full 220,000 lbs. per axle for maximum weighing ability while still able to be moved by hand. Our wheel weigher axle scales are ideal for providing axle as well as total vehicle weights in a light, portable form. Walz wheel weighers are constructed from a single piece of aluminum, providing ultimate portability along with exceptional environmental protection. The water protection design of our axle scales offer durable outdoor operation in the most extreme conditions. The full aluminum construction is deal for extended scale life when compared to other steel based models and the aluminum construction provides an extremely lightweight solution. Choose from the multiple models available to find the axle scale that fits your specific application.
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Portable Truck Scales

Our durable & lightweight portable truck weigh scale systems provided by Walz Scale deliver incredible advantages for a wide range of users. The Walz Scale portable truck scale is constructed with a steel-deck scale for weighing over-the-road or off-road vehicles. This portable truck scale system is ideal for construction, demolition, logging, sand, gravel, and other operations that move from one job site to another. Unlike other trucks scales for sale, Walz Scale products are factory assembled and easy to install or move. As the gold standard among portable truck axle scales, these systems offer the following benefits: Various Portable Truck Scale Designs - Aluminum & Steel Portable Truck Scales - Portable Wheel Weigher Units - Portable Truck Axle Scales - Fully Portable Weighbridge Truck Scales - Software-Integrated Portable Truck Weigh Scales
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Software & Apps

Walz Scale farm truck scale management software is designed specifically for farmers and agriculture professionals to improve inventory control and data tracking in your operation. Our Yield Pro Software ships installed on a windows tablet, includes a WiFi router for network connectivity, and integrates with other popular industry standard weighing systems for maximum ease of use. RFID options, full reporting capabilities, and remote display options make our solution the easiest, most effective, and most efficient agriculture weighing management software on the market today.
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Rental Scales

Walz Scale offers a comprehensive inventory of rental scales for temporary use by your organization. We offer rental scales ranging from low capacity lab balances to portable truck scales with large capacities, all the way up to 800 tons. Many of our scale systems can be shipped on the same day and can be installed within minutes at your job site. Walz rental scale inventory includes the following types of scales: On-Road Portable Axle Scale Rentals - On-Road Wheel Weigher Scale Rentals - Rental systems for the weighing of on-road vehicles.  - Portable Truck Scale Rental - Rentals of Legal for Trade Truck Scales.  - Off-Road Portable Axle Scale Rental - On-Road Wheel Weigher Scale Rentals - Off-Road Mining Scale Rental - Rail Car Scale Weighing System Rentals - Rentals of Jack Stand Scale Systems - Rentals of Systems for Heavy Capacity Load Monitoring Systems - Use the "Request Information" button to the left to contact our knowledgeable staff to find the exact rental scale system to fit your specific needs.
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