Wheel Weighers

Walz portable wheel weigher scales (or axle scales) are constructed to provide accurate vehicle weighing, with weight capacities from 40,000 lbs per axle for our highly-portable base level scale to a full 220,000 lbs. per axle for maximum weighing ability while still able to be moved by hand. Our wheel weigher axle scales are ideal for providing axle as well as total vehicle weights in a light, portable form. Walz wheel weighers are constructed from a single piece of aluminum, providing ultimate portability along with exceptional environmental protection. The water protection design of our axle scales offer durable outdoor operation in the most extreme conditions. The full aluminum construction is deal for extended scale life when compared to other steel based models and the aluminum construction provides an extremely lightweight solution. Choose from the multiple models available to find the axle scale that fits your specific application.


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  • AXW-20 Portable Axle Scale pad from Walz Scale

    AXW-20 Portable Axle Scale


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    Features an axle capacity of 40,000+ lbs. and durable aluminum construction. Features built-in digital display, and is completely portable. Price listed is per pad. **THIS ITEM CURRENTLY ON BACKORDER TILL AUGUST. IF YOUR NEED IS IMMEDIATE, PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR OTHER MODEL, THE AXW-20LP. THANKS!

  • AXW-20LP Portable Low-Profile Axle Scale


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    Features all of the capabilities of the AXW-20, but with a convenient low-profile design. Durable aluminum construction. Price listed is per pad.

  • AXW-30 Portable Axle Scale System

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    Complete 60,000+ lb. axle scale system, including 2 pads, portable transport case, water-resistance design, and weighing terminal.

  • AXW-45 Portable Axle Scale

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    Portable axle scale system, including 2 pads capable of 90,000+ lbs., durable aluminum construction, portable transport case, and weighing terminal. **THIS ITEM CURRENTLY ON BACKORDER TILL AUGUST. 

  • AXW-110 110 Ton Portable Axle Scale

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    Pair of 110 ton axle capacity portable truck scales. Durable steel construction, water-resistant design. Includes weighing terminal and spare cabling. Not legal for trade.