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Who We Are 

Our business was founded in 1966, by President Matt Walz’s grandfather, Fred L. Walz. The business began as a dealership for the foodservice industry, selling scales and services to grocery stores. Now in its third generation of ownership, over 50 years later, Walz Scale continues to be a family-owned and operated business. While the company maintains headquarters in Central Illinois, the business now has a global presence, with depots, partners, and dealers worldwide. What started as a small independent scale sales and service organization, is now is a world-class provider of almost every type of weighing equipment. Walz Scale provides weighing solutions with the latest technology to many industries, including transportation, agriculture, chemical, laboratory, aggregate, waste, recycling, and mining applications.
As our customer base has grown, we have grown with them by providing the latest technology to meet their unique applications. Today, thousands of businesses across the globe rely on Walz Scale for their measurement needs.


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Moving Forward Together 

One thing has always been consistent about the way that the Walz family approaches our business ventures together, and it’s that we’re always looking forward to the future. Whether it includes spearheading new technologies to bring the most advanced scale solutions to our customers or expanding our reach by establishing distribution relationships across the globe, tomorrow is a horizon that we’re always moving towards. What started out small in the 60s with Frank L. Walz has now evolved to become a global enterprise, with goals and aspirations for the future. We at Walz Scale have no intention of slowing down our forward progress any time soon as we continue to bring the latest precision scale and scanner solutions to our customers.

Leader In Technology 

Cutting-Edge Volumetric Scanning

Volumetric load scanning is a relatively new weight measuring system technology that is providing exciting opportunities for applications spanning the spectrum of industry. Walz Scale is proud to have set the industry standard for this new technology, as it changes the way that construction, mining, industrial, or agricultural applications approach payload management. It is a revolutionary approach to payload management, and it has been developed to provide an affordable solution to customers demanding minimum setup costs and reduces maintenance costs. For open-top applications, rather than depending on a traditional truck scale, a volumetric scanner measures the bulk material that is loaded in a truck using 3D imaging software. This innovative system is able to provide automatic volume calculations of loaded trucks Walz has pioneered this payload management technology, and now is the industry standard for volumetric scanning processes.

Local Repair & Maintenance Services

Walz Scale does so much more than sell or rent weighing systems. Throughout Illinois, we’re proud to offer:

  • Repair services for ALL makes and models of scales (not just ours)
  • Local service with reduced travel costs
  • Local fast response times
  • Factory-trained technicians
  • Fully insured and bonded service
  • Superior, top-tier equipment
  • Support services 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Industry Leading Onboard Scale Solutions

Many operations rely on accurately measured and recorded weight data, especially when moving large amounts of product or materials. Walz offers a wide range of onboard weighing systems designed for use by lift trucks, skid steer loaders, wheel loaders, dump trucks, and more. These onboard scales are available in entry-level tiers, as well as advanced models with several innovative features. These onboard scale systems use a hydraulic sensor to measure the resistance of whatever the truck is carrying, collecting accurate weight data in real-time.

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• Your One-Stop-Shop for Weight System Solutions •

For decades, Walz has emphasized the importance of relationships in providing superior customer service. As a family business, there isn’t a challenge we’ve faced that we haven’t been able to overcome and wind up stronger in the end because of it. For all of your scale and volumetric scanning needs, regardless of your industry or business size, we have the solution for you to keep your trucks in motion and doors open.

At the end of the day, there’s no question — you deserve products and services from a company that knows how to look forward to the future, continues to innovate, and provides world-class customer service. Thank you for taking the time to visit Walz Scale! We look forward to providing you with every scale system solution you need to be successful, wherever tomorrow takes you.

Customer Service Focus 

“We always do what's right by our customers. It hurts sometimes, but we do what's right when making decisions.“

When our customers succeed, we succeed. This philosophy creates an atmosphere that encourages cooperation and camaraderie between your organization and ours. As an industry leader, we are recognized for meeting and exceeding our goals. But, the best awards that we can receive are compliments and repeat business with our long-term customers. We believe here that when you make decisions based on tomorrow, it's all about the customers. So here, it's never about today; it's always about tomorrow!


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