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Making Money By the Pound

When your business makes money by the pound, having accurate, dependable, and durable scale systems is vital to making the most out of your production. Whether you’re growing livestock, weighing out feed, or preparing acres of corn to be shipped to market, every pound translates directly to money you’re earning or wasting. 


Walz Scale is committed to providing all of our customers with the heavy-duty industrial strength scales that they need to run their operations efficiently and profitably. No matter what needs you have, Walz has a solution. We understand that the world of agriculture involves a lot of moving pieces, and the last thing you need is for a vital cog in that machine to break down and become unreliable, or even worse, cost you money. Let us provide you with some insight regarding how our inventory of scales can benefit your agricultural ventures— from the largest loads to the smallest minutiae of your inventory. 

Scales for Livestock

Keeping an accurate record of the weight of your livestock animals is crucial to many aspects of your business. An animal’s weight can reflect the state of their health, in addition to knowing exactly how much mass of animal product you’re dealing with. For this application, Walz has a variety of floor scales that will serve you tirelessly!

Heavy Duty Floor Scales

For example, take a look at our AG-5X5-NTEP-5K Floor Scale. This industrial-strength floor scale has a total weighing surface area of 25 square feet and a weighing capacity of over 2 ½ tons! Featuring durable stainless steel construction, this scale can withstand the heavy footfalls of livestock. Ruggedness of design is paramount to a scale being useful in a farm setting! Additionally, this floor scale is finished with an epoxy coat of paint, meaning that it is very easy to keep clean and free of the debris that naturally accompanies animals. When this scale is installed, it is pre-calibrated and ready to get to work for you and your animals immediately! Included is an easily-readable and user-friendly display terminal. These models of floor scale are NTEP-approved, meaning that they are certified to be used for trade

Large floor scales are also incredibly useful when it comes to the weighing and distributing of feed to your animals. As a livestock farmer, your livelihood depends on maintaining healthy animals with healthy weights, and being able to determine the proper amount of feed will help to optimize how your resources are being spent. The structure of these floor scales make it easy for you to load individual bags of feed, or entire pallets at a time, depending on your need! Contact the scale experts at Walz Scale if you have any other questions regarding how our heavy-duty, industrial strength floor scales can work for you and your livestock business ventures. We’re not just in the business to help truckers and factories — we’re here to be the scale solution to any company that needs dependable, accurate, and durable scale systems.

Weighing Systems for Crop Farmers

Technology has advanced so much even in the last few decades in regards to agriculture and the processes of growing crops. In order to keep up with the trends and incredible supply demand, it is crucial that your farm or ranch has an accurate weighing system for the produce that you grow!

Advanced Scale Solutions for Produce

In almost every circumstance, the produce that is made by farmers is bought and sold according to how much the produce weighs. It is vital, then, to make sure that you are only settling for the absolute best weighing technology available in your operation! Walz Scale has several floor and pallet scales that are ideal for these types of applications. These scales provide over 2-dozen square feet of weighable surface area, and accurately measure and record loads in excess of 2 ½ tons of produce at a time!

Walz even has accurate scale options for when you take your produce to market yourself. Don’t go to the Farmer’s Market with your crops without having a dependable way to weigh and label the produce you’re selling. Walz can provide compact, portable scales that are commonly used in retail settings to accurately weigh and record the sale of produce items. Don’t sell yourself or your quality products short!

Handling Agricultural Materials

When you’re running a farm, it’s not always just animals and corn that you need reliable weight data for on a daily basis. There are important materials that go along with the important day-to-day operations of an agricultural business that you need a dependable way to record and measure!

Industrial Scales for Handling Agricultural Materials

Industrial strength is required for handling the size of tasks put forth by agriculture in today’s marketplace. When you’re dealing with the biology of plants, there is precise science and math involved, and to get the best results, you need to be able to determine the correct mass amount of materials to utilize. For example, when you’re preparing to fertilize your crops, using too little or too much will do more harm than good. You know how much your crops need to thrive, and you need a highly-accurate scale system to ensure that you get the results you want.

Many of these materials can be corrosive or harmful to lesser-quality scale systems. Walz Scale only constructs our industrial-strength scales to be able to stand up to all of the wear and tear that naturally accompanies an agricultural business— including durable stainless steel construction, stainless steel load cells, and epoxy-paint coatings that are easily maintained and cleaned.

Scale Customization Options

Every farm is different, and you may need some special features to streamline your weighing processes. Walz Scale can provide your scale system with many of the optional features that will improve your farm’s productivity and bottom line.

Upgrades & Features

Many of our scale systems include the ability to incorporate:

  • WiFi connectivity
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Ability to sync with both iOS and Android operating systems
  • USB connectivity
  • Linked printers
  • User-friendly interfaces

Volumetric Scanners in Agriculture

Volumetric scanning technology is still relatively new in the world of agriculture and industry. The experts at Walz Scale have been on the cutting edge of this technology, luckily, and we’ve been able to equip our customers with this advantageous, time-saving solution in agricultural production.

How Does It Work?

Volumetric scanners are miracle-workers for accurately determining the load weight of trucks in an efficient manner. Volumetric scanners are able to accurately weigh loads by creating a three-dimensional scan of the contents of a truck, and compare it to the stored data of the empty truck. This system allows you to quickly determine and record load weights without even needing trucks to stop moving! This system is run by our in-house program called “Payload Pro,” which is very simple to use and can deliver real-time data to you as produce is being transported. You can a lot of time and money, since the potential of this system breaking down is practically non-existent. Fewer moving parts means fewer broken pieces!

Truck & Axle Scale Weight Systems

Walz Scale is nationally known for our high-quality, precision truck and axle scales. It doesn’t matter what application you need, our scales can handle the job! We provide a wide range of both portable and permanent truck scale solutions! We even offer rental services for these scales, and can service or repair any scale, whether our name is on it or not!

Big Loads are No Big Deal

If you’re transporting large amounts of livestock or produce, it’s very important that you get accurate weights, and that those data points are easy to record. Walz can provide you with easy weight data with products like our AXW-45 Portable Axle Scale. This scale system, which includes a pair of weighing pads, is capable of recording up to 90,000 lbs per axle. These pads are made of durable aluminum, and are water-resistant, meaning they can handle even tough environments. This model includes a weighing terminal with a built-in printer and a touch screen display, and it is all completely portable! This system boasts a real-world weight accuracy of 99% or better, ensuring that you’re getting the most accurate data possible.

You may find that having a full-truck scale at your disposal makes your agricultural production a breeze, and in that case, we provide solutions like the AXHD-11 Heavy Duty Axle Scale. This 11’ long pair of platforms can handle weights upwards of 60,000 lbs per axle, and are made from heavy-duty steel. This pair of scales includes removable ramps for easy truck access, and has built-in lifting eyes for simple movement with a forklift.

Trust Walz Scale For Your Agricultural Needs

We’ve been in the scale business for a long time, and our goal has always been to be able to provide quality scale systems to the hardworking people that need it most. We’ve been able to manufacture scales that feature top-tier capability, while maintaining affordability for all business sizes.


We’re Here For You

If you have any questions regarding how Walz Scale can help you and your agricultural venture, please do not hesitate to fill out the contact form below! One of our scale experts will be more than happy to speak with you about all of the needs of your business. We’d like to remind you that we offer a 1-year warranty on almost all of our products, and free delivery to anywhere in the United States when you order from us online! Contact us today, and let us get started optimizing your agricultural outfit. We love seeing our customers get the most out of their businesses with our unbeatable scales.

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