Volumetric Scanners

Belt Scanner

Walz develops new volumetric scanning technology for material measurement on belts. This optical belt scale technology allows operations to accurately measure material flow on belts of various sizes. This new technology is a direct replacement for the traditional belt scales that typically require regular maintenance and calibrations.
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Industrial Load Scanner

Our Volumetric Load Scanner technology provides real-time load volumes for trucks in-motion. Ideal for a multitude of industries, our Volumetric Load Scanner provides automatic volume calculations for loaded trucks, spanning industry applications from resource aggregates and mining companies to road construction and waste management. The Walz Scale Volumetric Load Scanner delivers world-class load scan technology for a wide range of applications. Trucks are first scanned by the Volumetric Load Scanner in the load scanning process while they are empty. These empty load scans are saved in the system. After being loaded, the Volumetric Load Scanner system will scan and calculate the actual carried volume of material. The load scan system achieves this by comparing the loaded scans to the stored empty scans in the system. This highly advanced load scanner system is comprised of 3D laser scanners, a laptop or PC, and mounting hardware. The Volumetric Load Scanner technology has been developed to provide an affordable solution to customers demanding minimum setup costs and reduces maintenance costs. The Volumetric Load Scanner system is monitored using our very own Payload Pro Operating System. This easy to use software platform delivers real-time data and reporting features to operators and managers. As one of the most advanced and cutting-edge load management software platforms, Payload Pro provides users with the tools necessary to effectively and efficiently manage their truck loads.
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Mining Load Scanner

Walz Scale has developed revolutionary new technology for the management of material truck loads. Our WLS Payload Scanner delivers accurate volumetric load calculations for haulage assets dynamically or in-motion. Our technology allows users to monitor load position, monitor carried volume, monitor material density and monitor material fragmentation. Learn more about this revolutionary new truck load management technology below.
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Train Load Scanner

Our Volumetric Train Load Scanner System provides operations with the ability to dynamically scan and measure rail car volumes in real time. This new technology provides a wealth of benefits from carried volume measurement to carry-back monitoring.
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Vehicle Profiling

Walz Scale has developed a solution for the measurement of vehicle profiles (L x W x H). This system is ideal for applications that require real time, dynamic measurement of vehicle dimensions. Vehicle profiling is commonly incorporated into toll systems, bridge height alert systems, and highway weigh stations.
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