The Volumetric Rail Scanner Advantage

A Better Way to Manage Railway Payloads

• What is Volumetric Rail Scanning?

In the last decade, volumetric scanning technology, which is used to determine a payload’s weight by volume, has provided several exciting opportunities for companies spanning the broad spectrum of industry, mining, construction and agriculture. This revolutionary approach to weight data management is a process that your railway application can take advantage of!


Instead of depending on a static traditional scale integrated into the physical rail tracks, a volumetric scanner is able to measure the bulk materials that is loaded into railcars using advanced 3D imaging software. Walz developed this system to be able to automatically capture and record the payload volume of loaded train cars. As the cars slowly travel under the suspended scanner system, which is remarkably simple in its design and implementation, the scanner automatically measures the railcar load, records the results, and can send them directly to an operator. The specialists at Walz are proud to set the industry standard for this new tech, and we’re absolutely confident that it will change the way that your railway operation approaches payload data management.

The Innovative Technology of Volumetric Rail Scanning

Volumetric payload scanning is still a relatively new technology in the industrial, commercial and mining fields. Always striving to innovate, Walz Scale contributed to the pioneering of this weight management technology, and developed our railway volumetric scanner system, which has become the industry standard. You may be wondering, however, how the scanning system works, and is it actually accurate?

The volumetric railcar scanners that we’ve developed are able to measure load volumes in real time, even while the train is in motion. This is achieved by first scanning the empty railcars and then comparing that data to a second scan of the cars once they’ve been loaded. This collected data is used to calculate the car’s load volume with an unprecedented level of accuracy and efficiency.

Watch Walz Scale’s Volumetric Rail Scanner at Work!

We feature several videos on our YouTube channel of our volumetric scanners at work in various fields of industry. Watch this video of our railcar volumetric scanner in action, capturing 3D imaging data while the train is in motion! While you’re there, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel so you won’t miss any videos about our scanner and scale solutions for your business application!

The Benefits of Adopting a Volumetric Rail Scanning System

You may be curious about how a volumetric scanning system can offer an advantage to your railway application that would make traditional scale systems a less viable option. While there is certainly no denying the practical usefulness of traditional railway scales, which we have no plans to cease production on any time in the near future, more and more volumetric scanning systems are becoming the more feasible alternative. We’ve broken down the biggest benefits that you can expect to reap the rewards of when you take advantage of a volumetric railcar scanning system:

  • Volumetric scanners are able to operate dependably in almost any condition, delivering reliable results.
  • Variables like moisture content, compaction, and uneven railcar loads are non-issues to volumetric scanners. Since these factors don’t affect scanning technology, you will be able to detect and record the most accurate weight by volume possible, surpassing the ability of traditional scales.
  • The speed at which volumetric scanners can record data will lend greatly increased efficiency to your operation.
  • Walz designed our volumetric scanner system to feature extremely user-friendly operation, with an intuitive operating system and user interface. Our system includes features like touch-screen operation, cloud data sharing, and complete smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop connectivity.
  • Walz will only ever manufacture scanner systems that are durable enough to withstand several years of operation without needing regular maintenance, even in the most harsh of environments.
  • Our volumetric load scanning system is a significant money-saver, lowering operating costs and drastically boosting your productivity.
  • 3D imaging technology allows for the accurate recording of every railcar in operation, increasing efficiency and reducing waste.
  • All of our volumetric scanner systems require practically zero maintenance. Should the need ever arise that one of our scanners needs technical attention, Walz is proud to offer onsite service! You’ll never have to worry about maintaining a volumetric scanning system on your own.
  • With volumetric scanning, you can take advantage of 3D imaging capabilities to monitor load distributions, optimize the ways in which your railcars are loaded, and decrease the amount of spillage and waste that occurs.
  • In-motion scanning capabilities mean that the train never has to actually stop for the scanner system to accurately record and transmit data to the system operator — it’s all recorded automatically and quickly!

At Walz Scale, we believe that volumetric scanning is an indispensable tool for railway operations. The ultimate goal of the scanning system is to optimize your payload efficiency, reduce your company costs, and increase your overall production value. 

Is it Really Better to Scan Rail Loads?

With all of this talking up of our volumetric scanning systems, it’s understandable that you may ask “should I even bother with traditional rail scales?” Simply put, the answer to that question lies in what is the best solution for your specific railway application. Walz has an unwavering dedication to providing weight data management systems that exceed all of our customer’s satisfaction levels for both scanners and scales. If a scanner system seems impractical for your railcar setup and you’d rather continue to use a scale system, then the experts at Walz are more than happy to provide you with the best line of portable and permanent railway scales on the market. We’re not just in the business of selling systems, we sell solutions — whichever solution delivers the best results for you.

Superior Products for All Weighing Preferences

Walz Scale has been in business for over 50 years, and in that time we’ve continually strived to be innovative and uphold a high standard for weight system solutions in all industries. In many online circles, you may hear that volumetric scanners will soon send traditional scales the way of the dinosaurs. Regardless of what direction railway system norms change in the future, Walz remains committed to delivering all of the payload management solutions that our customers deserve. If you need a scanner or a scale system to accomplish your business goals, we want to be your one-stop shop for a solution!

Rail Scales Still Deliver Premium Results

All businesses are a little different, and what works for one company may not work for another. While we will continue to innovate with new payload management services and products, there are several benefits to sticking with our tried and true traditional rail scales, including:

  • Several varieties of rail scales to choose from that work best for your specific application and needs
  • Our portable line of rail scales are easy to move and install, and can be deployed in a matter of minutes, not hours
  • Portable rail scales can be brought to the railcars, reducing the time needed to move cars to a designated location to record weight data
  • Our rail scales feature in-motion weighing technology, meaning that the train doesn’t even need to stop to record accurate weight data
  • Each and every Walz scale is constructed with a high standard for durability, ensuring that they can withstand operation in harsh environments, repeated use, and inclement weather conditions

Walz Rail Scanning Technical Specs

Should you opt for a volumetric rail scanning system, Walz has the product that will fit your application perfectly. This model of scanner provides a real world accuracy of greater than 99%, is capable of completely in-motion scanning, can create detailed graphical load images, features cloud-based data reporting, and can deliver real-time data directly to an easy-to-use interface. This model includes a 12-month subscription to the in-house software service that the scanner operating system uses.

Walz WLS-R Train Load Scanner

This volumetric scanner is designed specifically for railcar application and is able to record data both dynamically and in-motion. Volumetric scanners require very little infrastructure to be effectively installed, making setup easy. For the convenience of the operators, our scanner systems can communicate with both iOS and Android operating systems, making smartphone and tablet connectivity a breeze. Also included is outdoor-rated hardware to make sure your scanner stays put, and a built-in ticketing system for easy record keeping. Enjoy these features and many more by checking out our WLS-R Train Load Scanner product page!

Walz: A Name You Can Trust for All Weight Management Solutions

We would love to invite you to join us in continuing to be an innovative presence in the weight data management field. Walz has been trusted with our rail scale technology for decades, and we’ll continue to provide a level of dependability that goes beyond our customers’ expectations, including the manufacture of products like volumetric scanners. Scanning is quickly becoming the industry norm, and we would love to have the opportunity to discuss with you how our railcar scanning systems will benefit your operation. Contact a volumetric scanner expert at Walz today to discuss all of the possibilities and advantages that are afforded to you by this process. Make the most out of your available systems with the scale and scanner company you know you can trust: Walz Scales.


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