Mining Scales

Portable Mining Scales

Our rugged and dependable portable axle scales for heavy-duty mining trucks are built to provide your mine site with the weighing tools to manage your vehicle weights accurately but in a portable format. Our mining truck axle scale systems are constructed for longevity in order to provide many years of consistent, dependable service while reducing on-going maintenance requirements. The mining series of portable mining truck scales are meant to be used on earth foundations, allowing mine sites to transport their scales directly to their haulage assets. Our mining scale systems are easy to install. Their low-profile design minimizes blade-time and overall setup costs. We offer a range of portable mining scale products below to fit your specific mine site weighing needs. We also offer permanent mining scale weighing solutions for long-term installations.
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Permanent Mining Scales

Installing our Walz Scale AXM-P Series permanent mining scales at your mine site provides plenty of benefits over our portable mining scale systems. Having a scale system always available allows mine sites to manage overloads on their haulage assets at any time. This enables mines to better manage real and perceived overloads in the pit, while a portable scale is only available when you set them up. Overall operational costs are also reduced as the site is not required to incur the blade time and labor costs associated with setting up and tearing down the portable scale systems.
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Mining Truck Scales

In the mining industry, portability and mobility of truck scales are vital to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently. Truck scales from Walz are built to be used reliably and deliver accurate weight data in practically any terrain. In a rapidly changing mining site, this maneuverability can be indispensable.
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Jack Stand Scales

Walz Scale "Jack" or Lift Stand Scale System is developed in house for operations to track and monitor actual empty vehicle weights on their haulage assets. This fully portable jack stand scale system works with your jack stand & lifts and is designed to be used with your existing facilities hydraulic lift stands, providing accurate empty weight verification on your haulage assets with extreme accuracy of +_ 0.1%. Our jack stand scales also interface with Payload Pro Software for maximum control.
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