Truck Scales in Commercial Retail

Creating Better Payload Management Solutions

• Portable Truck Scales for Any Size Operation 

In the commercial retail industry, portability and mobility of truck scales are vital to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently. Truck scales from Walz are built to be used reliably and deliver accurate weight data in practically any location — from warehouses to loading docks. In a rapidly changing commercial environment, this maneuverability can be indispensable.

Walz offers a variety of portable and permanent truck scales to meet your needs in the commercial retail industry, including:

  • Axle scales
  • Traditional truck scales
  • Wheel weighers
  • Portable truck scales
  • Modular truck scales
  • Permanent in-ground scales
  • Jack stand scales
  • Scale rentals
  • Scale software and apps

Portable Truck Scales


Scale Rentals


Fast Deployment


Superior Mobility

• Do You Need a Better Lift Truck Scale Solution? 

Commercial and industrial operations all over the world use lift trucks on a daily basis to move product from point A to B. Many of these operations rely on accurately measured and recorded weight data, especially when moving large amounts of products or materials. Lift truck scales are a weight management scale system that can be built directly into a forklift, practically removing the necessity of bringing material to a static floor scale. These onboard scale systems make use of a hydraulic sensor to measure resistance of whatever the lift truck is carrying, collecting accurate weight data in real-time. This is ideal for warehouses with a high amount of traffic, and Walz has you covered!

Need a Short-Term Truck Scale? We Offer Rentals!

In many commercial retail operations, renting a truck scale could be a more financially responsible solution, especially during seasons of increased volume, like the holidays. Walz offers a comprehensive inventory of rental truck scales for temporary use, many of which can be shipped the day you order them and installed in a matter of minutes on-site. To shop our rental scales, click the button below!

• Superior Performance. Unbeatable Reliability. 

Walz’s durable and lightweight portable truck weigh scale systems deliver incredible advantages for a wide variety of users, including those in the mining industry. Our portable truck scales are constructed with a steel deck for weighing over-the-road or off-road vehicles, which is ideal for mining and quarry industries. For the gold standard among portable truck axle scales, there’s only one name you need to trust — Walz Scale.