The Volumetric Load Scanner Advantage

Creating Better Payload Management Solutions

• What is Volumetric Load Scanning?

Volumetric load scanning is a relatively new weight measuring system technology that is providing exciting opportunities for applications spanning the spectrum of industry. It is a revolutionary approach to payload management, and it is a solution that your industrial, construction, mining, or agricultural process may be able to take advantage of.


Rather than depending on a static scale, a volumetric scanner measures the bulk material that is loaded in a truck using 3D imaging software. This innovative system is able to provide automatic volume calculations of loaded trucks. As trucks slowly move beneath the suspended scanner, which in itself is a remarkably small device compared to traditional scales, the scanner automatically measures the truck load, records the results, and sends them directly to an operator. Walz is proud to have set the industry standard for this new technology, and we’re confident that it will absolutely change the way that your construction, mining, industrial, or agricultural application approaches payload management.

The Technology Behind Volumetric Load Scanning

Volumetric load scanning is still a somewhat new technology in the commercial field. Walz pioneered this payload management technology, and now is the industry standard for volumetric scanning processes. But how exactly does it work, and how can it be accurate?

Volumetric load scanners are able to measure load volumes in real time, even for trucks that are in-motion. This is achieved by first measuring the truck prior to any material being loaded, then comparing that data to a second scan of truck after material has been loaded. This data is used to easily calculate the truck’s load volume with an unbelievable amount of accuracy and efficiency. All trucks that use the volumetric load scanner are outfitted with an RFID tag (radio frequency identification) so that the scanner knows which truck is which. As a truck slowly moves beneath the scanner, the load is automatically recorded and assigned to the corresponding RFID information, easily keeping track of payload data.

Watch Walz Scale’s Volumetric Load Scanner In Action!

We invite you to watch this video of our in-motion volumetric load scanner technology in action! You can see for yourself how our scanner tech captures empty truck data, compares it to carryback weight, and just how quickly the scanning system is able to do this with a vehicle in motion!

The Benefits of Volumetric Load Scanning

You may be wondering how a volumetric load scanning system can offer advantages to your specific application that make traditional scale systems either obsolete or less necessary. While there is no denying the practical usefulness of truck scales, which we have no intention of eliminating from our production, more and more volumetric scanning systems are becoming an increasingly viable alternative. Here are just some of the benefits that you can expect to take advantage of with a volumetric load scanning system:

  • A load scanner can operate dependably in almost any condition, operating reliably and with superior performance.
  • The speed at which a volumetric load scanner records data provides an unmatched level of efficiency to your operations.
  • In regards to user-friendly operation, the volumetric load scanner operating system is easy to use, and includes many time-saving features, like touch-screen operation, cloud data sharing, and smartphone/tablet/PC connectivity.
  • Walz Scale only ever manufactures scanner systems that are durable enough to withstand years of operation, even in the most rugged and harsh of environments.
  • The volumetric load scanner system is a huge money-saver, lowering operating costs and boosting productivity.
  • 3D imaging technology allows for the accurate recording of every truck load in your fleet, drastically increasing efficiency and reducing waste.
  • Walz volumetric scanner systems require almost zero maintenance. Should the need ever arise that our scanners need technical attention, we’re proud to offer onsite service. You’ll never have to worry about maintaining a volumetric scanner system on your own.
  • You’ll be able to take advantage of the 3D imaging capabilities to monitor load distributions, optimize the ways in which your vehicles are loaded, and avoid spillage and waste. 
  • In-motion scanning capabilities mean that your load trucks can stay moving and still record accurate weight, density, and distribution data.

We believe that the volumetric scanner is an indispensable tool for mining, construction, industrial and agricultural payload management. The goal of this system is to optimize your payload efficiency, reduce your costs, and increase your productivity.

Is it Better to Weigh or Scan Truck Loads?

The high-performance standard presented by Walz Scale’s volumetric scanning systems begs the question — should I even bother with a traditional truck scale? The answer is quite simple, really. You should choose the solution that is best for your individual application. Fortunately, Walz is dedicated to providing weight systems solutions that exceed customer expectations for both scanner and scale technologies. If a scanner system seems impractical for your business and you’d rather use a scale system, then we’re happy to provide you with the best line of portable and permanent load scales on the market.

Walz doesn’t just sell systems, we sell solutions — whichever is best for you, we’ve got you covered.


The Best of Both Worlds

Walz has been in the weight systems business for over 50 years, and during that time, we’ve continually strived to innovate and be the gold-standard for the industry. While a quick internet search on the subject may claim that volumetric scanners will soon do away with scales entirely, we remain committed to providing all of the payload management solutions possible to our customers. Regardless of if you need a scale or a scanner to best accomplish your application goals, Walz Scale will provide the best solution. We are happy to be your one-stop-shop for all things related to weight data management.

Load Scales are Not Obsolete

Just like families, all businesses are different. You may find that a volumetric load scanning system, while it seems innovative and new, may not be the practical solution that works best for you. These are some of the benefits that you can expect to take advantage of when you rely on Walz time-tested traditional load scales:

  • Many scales feature a low-profile design that makes it easy to weigh a single axle at a time, or you can use multiple scales to weigh the entire vehicle at once.
  • Our portable truck scales are easy to move, and can be deployed in a matter of minutes.
  • Portable truck scales can easily be brought to the trucks, reducing travel time to a static scanner system.
  • Many load scales also feature in-motion weighing capabilities.
  • Walz scales durable construction ensures that our load scales can withstand harsh environments, repeated use, and inclement weather.

Industrial, Construction, Agricultural & Mining Load Scanner Systems

If you opt for a volumetric load scanning system, Walz has the products that will fit your application perfectly. These models both provide a real world accuracy of greater than 99%, are capable of in-motion scanning, create graphical load images, feature cloud-based reporting, and can deliver real-time data directly to an easy-to-use interface. Additionally, both models of scanner include a 12-month subscription to the software required to run the system.

WLS Walz Load Scanner

This is the standard model of the Walz volumetric load scanner. Installation and operation are both very simple and straightforward. For operating convenience, this scanner system features both iOS and Android operating system integration, which makes connecting your smartphone to this scanner a breeze. This scanner can be used effectively in a multitude of applications, including aggregate suppliers, construction crews, waste management facilities, and more! You can be set up and ready to begin scanning in a matter of minutes with the easy-to-use system.

WLS-M Off-Road Truck Volumetric Scanner

The Walz Off-Road Truck Volumetric Scanner features all of the same things that make the standard model a great solution, and also includes outdoor rated hardware. You’ll still enjoy a real-world weight accuracy of greater than 99%, graphical load images, and more. Watch the off-road truck volumetric scanner system in operation now!

Trust Walz Scale For Any Weight System Solution

We would like to invite you to join us in being an innovative force in the weight data management field. You’ve trusted Walz with you truck scales for decades, and we’ll continue to provide the superior level of dependability in all of our endeavors, including volumetric scanning technology. Scanning is quickly becoming the industry norm, and we would love to have the opportunity to discuss with you how our systems can benefit your operations. Contact a volumetric scanner expert at Walz today to discuss all of the possibilities and advantages that can be afforded to you when you make the switch to volumetric scanning. Make the most out of your available systems with the brand that you can always trust: Walz Scales.


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