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Our Volumetric Load Scanner technology provides real-time load volumes for trucks in-motion. Ideal for a multitude of industries, our Volumetric Load Scanner provides automatic volume calculations for loaded trucks, spanning industry applications from resource aggregates and mining companies to road construction and waste management. The Walz Scale Volumetric Load Scanner delivers world-class load scan technology for a wide range of applications.

Trucks are first scanned by the Volumetric Load Scanner in the load scanning process while they are empty. These empty load scans are saved in the system. After being loaded, the Volumetric Load Scanner system will scan and calculate the actual carried volume of material. The load scan system achieves this by comparing the loaded scans to the stored empty scans in the system.

This highly advanced load scanner system is comprised of 3D laser scanners, a laptop or PC, and mounting hardware. The Volumetric Load Scanner technology has been developed to provide an affordable solution to customers demanding minimum setup costs and reduces maintenance costs.

The Volumetric Load Scanner system is monitored using our very own Payload Pro Operating System. This easy to use software platform delivers real-time data and reporting features to operators and managers. As one of the most advanced and cutting-edge load management software platforms, Payload Pro provides users with the tools necessary to effectively and efficiently manage their truck loads.

Features of our Volumetric Load Scanning System include:

  • Volumetric Load Scanner Systems
  • In-Motion Load Scanning Capability
  • High Definition Load Images
  • Low Maintenance Scanner Technology
  • Simple Setup of Load Scanner Platform

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WLS Walz Load Scanner


  • Volumetric truck load scanner system 
  • Typical Accuracy +_  1%
  • Dynamic / in-motion load scanning operation
  • Built in ticketing system
  • Graphical load images
  • Real time load volume measurement system 
  • Cloud based reporting
  • IOS/Android App Integration 
  • Simple installation
  • Simple operation
  • Outdoor rated hardware
  • Includes 12 month software subscription

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Walz Load Scanner - Product Details

Volume Load Measurement

Walz Scale has developed revolutionary new load scanning technology for the management of material truck loads. The WLS Truck Load Scanner delivers accurate volumetric load calculations for open top vehicles while the vehicle drives under the scanner head. The revolutionary load scanner system provides an efficient and affordable alterative to truck scales and other axle weighing systems.  If you are looking to manage vehicle volume measurement the Load Scanner System is the ideal load scanning solution.



Load Scanner Technology

Designed For Simple Installation & Operation 

The Walz Load Scanner System utilizes new technology and advanced patent pending algorithms to provide a dynamic non contact solution for managing material truck loads.  The load scanner system works very similar to how you would operate a truck or axle scale.  Trucks are scanned both empty and loaded and the difference between the two is the actual volume load of material carried by the truck.  The Walz Scanner System is capable of proving accuracies better than 0.5%.  



Truck Load Volume Scanner System Operations

System Components

The Walz Load Scanner System ships with the following standard components.

Sensors & mounting hood - cabling -  power supply - ticketing software - cloud based reporting suite - technical support - IOS/Android app interface





Portable Load Scan Systems

Empty Struck Capacity Measurement

Load volume scanner system provides automated measurement of each trucks empty struck capacity.  This provides operations with an accurate and automated means of measuring the actual carry capacities of each truck.



Portable Load Scan Systems

Accurate Carried Volume Measurement

Load volume scanner system provides high accuracy volumetric load measurement for all types of trucks.  The automated measurement system delivers accurate repeatable measurement.



Portable Load Scan Systems

Carry Back Adjustment Per Vehicle

Load volume scanner system automates the process of verifying that each measurement is accurate.  The system can automatically detect, measure and adjust for material carry back left in the bed of the truck.



Portable Load Scan Systems

Advanced Load Imagery

The Load Scanner system can also provide advanced load imagery for each truck scanned.  These images can help to verify actual load position and load materials. 



Portable Load Scan Systems

Load Tickets

Load volume scanner system provides load tickets for every truck scanned.  Your important data can be printed on each load ticket.

Company heading & logo

Truck & trailer number

Hauling company



Load volume

Load net weight

Job name

Load images

Time & date



3D Load Imagery

System Reporting

The ticketing system also provides advanced reporting functionality as well as real time graphical dashboards.  These real time reporting tools allow operations to better manage vehicle throughput and increase operational efficiencies.



Load Scanner Tickets

Multiple Systems Available

We have developed multiple system options to provide our customers with a solution and price that meets their needs.  All of our systems also allow for drivers and operators to interface with their system via their IOS or Android smart phones. 


Real-Time Load Scanning Monitoring

Automation Options

With the Walz Load Scanner  load scan system, you can fully automate your process and eliminate the need to have an operator run or manage the system.  Add our RFID system to any of our models to create a fully automated solution.


Load Volume Scanner Interface

Mounting Options

The simplicity of the load scanner system enables operations to choose from a basic pole mount system or choose our portable trailer system for applications that require portable operation.


Excavator Load Scanner

Advanced Interface Options 

Integrate the Walz Scanner with a truck scale or use our API to integrate our volume measurement technology directly into your existing ticketing system.