WLS-M Off-Road Truck Volumetric Scanner System

Scanner System Features:

  • Volumetric mining truck load scanner system
  • Typical accuracy of ~99% or better
  • Dynamic/in-motion load scanning operation
  • Built-in ticketing system
  • Graphical load images
  • Real-time load volume measurement system
  • Cloud-based reporting
  • iOS/Android App Integration
  • Simple installation
  • Simple operation
  • Outdoor rated hardware
  • Includes 12-month software subscription

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WLS-M Off-Road Truck Volumetric Scanner System Overview

This scanner system is the next revolution in production monitoring for mining operations. The Walz mining payload scanner is ideal for both open-pit and underground mining operations. This non-contact technology provides real-time productivity insights without disruption to existing vehicle and production throughput.

WLS-M Mining Payload Scanner

  • Accurate load volume measurement on a per vehicle basis
  • 3D load-placement imagery
  • Real-time material density tracking per load
  • Real-time carry back monitoring and alerts
  • Maximize truck and bucket utilization per face conditions
  • Autonomous payload monitoring
  • Easy access to payload data via mining site mesh network interface
  • SAP interface

Watch the Walz Volumetric Scanner in Action Below!

3 reviews for WLS-M Off-Road Truck Volumetric Scanner System

  1. Cleveland Brothers Caterpillar

    I am writing to share some feedback from our recent experiences with the Walz Payload Scanner. Since acquiring your product in early 2018, it has helped us win numerous deals by quantitatively showing the value of the Caterpillar product.

    The system is quick and easy to set up so as to not disrupt the customer’s site. In fact, with the Walz Scanner, there is little to no loss of production since it is set up on the haul road and the trucks can continue to drive their normal route under the scanner.

    The results of the studies from the Walz Payload Scanner are as easy and effective to use as the system itself. The RFID tags that are used to identify the trucks are very helpful in tracking the production and cycle times. The 3D view of the truck is a strong visual of the payload and also helps to train the operator on load centering. All of the studies are easy to access in the cloud based format.

    The Walz Payload Scanner has been a valuable and affordable investment for Cleveland Brothers.

  2. Peabody

    We were looking at rock density more than anything during the test and we learned some eye-opening things about our rock density. We learned that our rock is 10% denser than the last time we tested it…which explains some issues we’ve been having with our truck frames and shovel booms in the past couple of years. Looking forward, it’s causing us to reevaluate future shovel bucket and dragline bucket purchases to make sure we don’t make a bucket-sizing mistake. I had never realized how important it is to know the density of your shot rock. You might want to inform your people about this story, because they, like myself at the time, were a bit skeptical. But the study explained a great deal of our issues and going forward changes everything.

  3. Hindustan Zinc Limited

    This system helps in determining the volume of filled trucks against the empty scans which gives us provision to measure the performance of each truck. The shift wise reports is shared with the operators so that they also know their performance and area of improvement. During this discussion we also come to know other factors which are responsible for poor fill factor like : poor fragmentation, Loading patterns etc.

    In the similar way the same report on daily basis can be discussed with Contractors /Mine Head to take strategic projects like training of loader operators, truck operators, improving blast pattern for good fragmentation etc.

    By using this system we saw 5-8% improvement in Fill factor, which certainly depends how operation team utilizes the system, data, reports and communicates back to the operators.

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Production Monitoring

Gather real time haulage asset production without disruption to existing production scheduling.  The Walz Load Scanner System can be implemented on existing haul roads or near the crusher.  Scan and measure production in real time.

Carry Back Monitoring

Monitor and alert to carry back in real time.  Alert operations of when to schedule tray and bed cleaning when necessary.

Load Position Monitoring

Real time tracking and alerts of load position in each of your haulage assets. Get critical load placement conditions back to your shovel operator in real time.

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