4 Game-Changing Features of Walz Truck Scales

Whether your operation weighs 10 trucks or 100 trucks a day, you need the most accurate and reliable truck scale systems to ensure that your business is both efficient and profitable. Walz has truck scales for sale in numerous configurations to match the needs of any application, from small farms to large-scale mining operations. Here are just four of the game-changing features you can look for in our line of truck scales!

AXW-20 Portable Axle Scale


For many applications, portability in a truck scale can be a lifesaver. This is especially true for work that is being done on temporary work sites, or in environments where it’s more efficient to bring the scales to the trucks, rather than route all trucks to a stationary in-ground scale. Portable truck scales save your company time, make routes more efficient, and save you money by limiting idle time and overloading fines. 

User-Friendly Interface

Each of our truck scales includes a user-friendly interface that requires no special training to use effectively. Whether you’re using an on-board display included with our AXW-20 Portable Axle Scale or the included digital terminal that is part of our AXW-30 Portable Axle Scale System, our scales are simple to operate and feature easy to read digital displays. A few minutes of set-up and familiarizing yourself with the interface is all it takes to be using our scales like a pro.

AXW-45 Portable Axle Scale
PT-TS Portable Truck Scale

Construction Quality

On any job site, you expect your truck scales to be able to handle whatever you throw at them. At Walz, we designed our truck scales to be both rugged and reliable, delivering accurate weight data even in the most unforgiving work environment. Many of our scales feature hardy aluminum construction that is water-resistant, corrosion-proof, and shock-resistant. Our scales can even provide accurate measurements on rough terrain, making them ideal for even the dirtiest of jobs.

Easy Integration

Whether you’re starting out with an all-new scale system or you’re incorporating a new Walz scale into your existing system, Walz has designed our scales to be easily integrated into your operations. Many of our weight systems include options for cloud reporting and data collection in real-time, making keeping track of valuable load data easier than ever before. 

Yield Pro Management Software from Walz Scale

For quality truck scales that boost productivity and provide top-of-the-line accuracy, there’s only one name you should trust with your business — Walz Scale! Shop our entire line of both portable and permanent truck scales today.