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How Different Industries Benefit from Floor & Pallet Scales

Why Do You Need a Floor or Pallet Scale?

If your business or manufacturing company deals with large quantities of materials daily, you know that each pound of those materials equates to dollars. Keeping an accurate record of all of the materials that your business uses or products it creates will help ensure that your inventory stays updated and that you know where every cent of your money is going. This is especially true if you need dependable weights recorded on large, heavy, or oversized objects. If any of this seems applicable to your business, then you need an industrial floor scale or pallet scale! Several industries benefit greatly from using these tools, and we’d like to take the time to share with you some examples. If your business needs a floor scale, or if you have questions about pallet scales, please contact one of our scales specialists today! Here are some of the industries that Walz Scale has helped.

Commercial Retail

We have all spent plenty of time in our local grocery stores, so you know the volume of product that goes through those businesses daily. It’s not uncommon for grocery retailers and similar services to have over 10,000 different items in stock at any given time. When there is a high quantity of product, and that product moves quickly, it is imperative that an accurate record is kept. In many of these commercial retail services, products are sold in a standardized weight (for example, a 16 oz box of Cheerios will weigh the same as the 16 oz box of Cheerios next to it) making it easier to maintain the accuracy of inventory through weight. If you run a commercial retail operation, especially with large quantities of products with standardized weights, you should seriously consider giving Walz Scales a call and exploring the options available to you with floor scales and pallet scales. 

Livestock & Veterinary Practice

As fun as it sounds to strap a cow into a harness and weigh her by lifting her with a crane, the more modern alternative of floor scales is much more practical and efficient. Professionals in veterinary medicine, farming, and ranching industries know that the weight of an animal is a good indicator of their overall health. This can be difficult when some of these animals weigh hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds. The solution to this weighing problem comes in the form of floor scales! The low profile of floor scales makes it easy to lead large animals into position. It is also possible to have small ramps or inclined edges to the scale to make it easier for the more obstinate beast. For veterinary doctors, knowing the weight of an animal is vital to making sure the proper dosage is given for medications and other supplements. Having an accurate weight of livestock also gives farmworkers a better idea of how much food and water is required to maintain a healthy environment for their animals. Fortunately, floor scales can also be used to weigh the food for livestock! Dependable floor scales are essential for working with large animals and livestock.

Industrial Manufacture & Shipping

Essentially, if your manufacturing or shipping company has a warehouse, it should come with a floor scale. The nature of these businesses necessitates handling a lot of large equipment, crates, pallets, containers, and more. Many of these items or products are of a standardized weight, which helps you maintain an accurate inventory. This is especially helpful when you’re dealing with shipping large items, such as you would at a shipping yard, where each pound equals money spent or earned. 

Food Industry

While your little mom and pop bistro may not need an entire floor scale, restaurants or food businesses that output a lot of product regularly could benefit greatly. Consistent recipes are vital when a food industry is selling a product, and floor or pallet scales can help make sure that the proper amounts are being used throughout the day. Similarly, finished food products can be weighed in large quantities on a floor scale to determine the monetary value of food products. This is especially helpful if you sell your food product by the pound.

Medical Facilities

In hospitals and healthcare facilities, it’s not always possible for every patient to simply hop on a normal scale. When a patient is bound to a wheelchair, for example, it is much simpler to get a total weight measurement, then account for the weight of the wheelchair. These facilities can also benefit from large scales for acquiring accurate measurements on waste materials before safe removal. Pallet scales are also easy to move from location to location, making them ideal for moving around a medical facility for ease of use.

Flight & Travel

When your business involves sending products flying through the air, it is very important to have a reliable system for determining the weight of the said product. Not only can these weights determine an amount that needs to be charged for luggage, but it also helps the pilot of the aircraft have a better idea of all of the factors affecting flight. 

Waste Management & Recycling

While most waste collection companies use an “if it fits it ships” method of charging customers with trash bins, that collected material still needs to be weighed and kept track of. Some companies do charge for waste collection by weight, especially if it is a larger amount of material being collected. Accurate weight measurement is vital when it comes to charging customers accurately and making sure that you have the proper capabilities as a business owner to handle the mass of material.


Floor Scales & Pallet Scales Are Your Business Solution

We believe in the benefit of manufacturers and industrial companies using floor scales in their everyday operations. If you have any questions regarding the implementation of these scales in your business or would like to speak with one of our scales experts, please do not hesitate to contact us today! We look forward to making sure your business has the proper weight resources it needs to be successful.