WBS Walz Belt Scanner

Scanner Features:

  • Volumetric conveyor belt scanner system
  • Typical Accuracy of ~ 99% or better
  • Dynamic/in-motion load scanning operation
  • Built-in ticketing system
  • Real time production volume measurement system
  • Cloud-based reporting
  • iOS/Android app integration
  • Simple installation procedure
  • Simple operation
  • Outdoor rated hardware
  • Includes 12-month software subscription

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Belt Scanner Overview:

Walz has developed new volumetric scanning technology for material measurement on conveyor belt systems. This optical belt scale technology allows operations to accurately measure material flow on belts of various sizes. This new technology is a direct replacement for the traditional belt scales that typically require regular maintenance and calibrations.

Our volumetric belt scale precisely measures and reports on bulk flow to give producers unmatched control of their production. No more belt-scale maintenance issues! No more belt scale calibration issues! With the Walz volumetric belt scanner, you can just do your normal business without worrying about those old problems.

Walz Belt Scanner Specifications:

  • Real-time volume measurement capability
  • Eye-safe laser technology
  • Adjustable mounting bracket for various belt sizes
  • iOS and Android app interface
  • Simple user-friendly operator interface
  • Localized and cloud based control
  • Built-in reporting
  • Cloud-based scheduling
  • Accurate volume measurement of ~99%
  • Built-in volume-to-weight conversion factors
  • Real-time production & stockpile reporting
  • Belt position monitoring
  • Belt speed monitoring
  • No calibration requirements!
  • Virtually zero maintenance requirements


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Walz Volumetric Belt Scanner

Simple Installation

The Walz Volumetric Conveyor Belt Scanner System is extremely easy to install.  Just mount the supplied mounting hood and frame to your conveyor, run power and you’re ready to start measuring your production.

Free App

The Walz Belt Scanner can be operated via our free iOS and Android apps.  This app gives you real time control and vision over your production.

Eliminate repairs

Unlike traditional belt scales the Walz Conveyor Belt Scanner utilizes laser technology to measure flow rate from above the material.  This eliminates the typical repair and maintenance requirements found with traditional belt scales.

Advanced Reporting

Simplified reporting functionality is provided with both localized and cloud based reporting services.  Manage multiple belts or multiple locations from anywhere with an Internet connection.

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