WLS Walz Load Scanner

Load Scanner Features:

  • Volumetric truck load scanner system
  • Typical accuracy of ~99% or better
  • Dynamic/in-motion load scanning operation
  • Built-in ticketing system
  • Graphical load images
  • Real-time load volume measurement system
  • Cloud-based reporting
  • iOS/Android App Integration
  • Simple installation
  • Simple operation
  • Outdoor rated hardware
  • Includes 12-month software subscription

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WLS Walz Load Scanner Overview

Our Volumetric Load Scanner technology provides real-time dynamic load volumes for trucks in-motion. Ideal for a multitude of industries, our Volumetric Load Scanner provides automatic volume calculations for loaded trucks, spanning industry applications from resource aggregates and mining companies, to road construction and waste management. The Walz Scale Volumetric Load Scanner delivers world-class load scan technology for a wide range of applications.

Trucks are first scanned by the Volumetric Load Scanner in the load-scanning process while they are empty. These empty load scans are saved in the system. After being loaded, the Volumetric Load Scanner system will scan and calculate the actual carried volume of material. The load scan system achieves this by comparing the loaded scans to the stored empty scans in the system. This highly advanced load scanner system is comprised of 3D laser scanners, a laptop or PC, and mounting hardware. This Volumetric Load Scanner technology has been developed by Walz to provide an affordable solution to customers demanding minimum setup costs and reduced maintenance costs.

The Volumetric Load Scanner system is monitored using our very own Payload Pro Operating System. This user-friendly software platform delivers real-time data and reporting features to operators and managers. As one of the most advanced and cutting-edge load management software platforms, Payload Pro provides users with the tools necessary to effectively and efficiently manage their truck loads.

Features of our Volumetric Load Scanning System include:

  • Volumetric Load Scanner Systems
  • In-Motion Load Scanning Capability
  • High Definition Load Images
  • Low-Maintenance Scanner Technology
  • Simple Setup of Load Scanner Platform

Watch the In-Motion Volumetric Load Scanner In Action Below!

4 reviews for WLS Walz Load Scanner

  1. Ground Control

    The scanner is working really well for us.

    Overall I am very happy with the unit. It has given us a baseline on what we are loading and is keeping everything more consistent.

  2. Encore Florida

    Just a short note to say thanks and tell you how impressed we are with the WLS-2 model scanning system we purchased from you.

    The system itself seems to be incredibly durable. Here in Florida we have many severe storms that pop up in the afternoons. The WLS-2 does not miss a beat even during the worst down-pours. We also feel the heavy guage steel the equipment box is made out of will insure the system will stay safe from “prying eyes”.

    Your field team was terrific in the set -up and training process. They were patient with the users, making sure they had the knowledge to operate the system properly without us having to call the service department after they left.

    Even more impressive was the comparison between Walz and a competitive system from New Zealand. We had the opportunity to compare side-by-side the operation of the WLS -2 and a upgraded version of the New Zealand system. The superior construction of the Walz system is evident as well as the operating system and interface.

    In conclusion I would give Walz my highest recommendation for anyone wishing to purchase a Volumetric Vehicle Measuring System.

  3. US ecology, Nevada

    To whom it may concern,

    US Ecology, Inc. purchased and installed the Walz load scanner system for our US Ecology Nevada facility in Beatty Nevada in 2018.

    Prior to our acquisition of the scanner we were only weighing the trucks and billing our customers by weight or by the truck. Disagreements on wither a truck was fully loaded or partially loaded was a concern that we would have to deal with. With the volume load scanner US Ecology Nevada now has the capability to show the volume scan, photo and the weight. We can send the image to the customer. There are no more arguments on how full or empty or what the volume of the waste was.

    Volume in a landfill is limited and what we really sell is waste space. It never made sense to me to bill by the weight. A great example is 1 ton of soil waste is a lot smaller foot print than 1 ton of Styrofoam. With the volume scanner we have the capability to bill by the ton, truck or by volume, which opens more options to our customers and is a cost control.

    Another developing capability is the ability to calculate the density of the load based on the volume and weight. We can compare these to our landfill surveys to see if our operations are achieving projected compactions.

    Walz developed the API to incorporate into our company run software. We purchased the yearly agreement and they have the ability to see our scans and troubleshoot any issue we have.

  4. Sylva Corp

    1. What gets measured, gets results = Increased Profits.
    2. Confidence in raw material procurement #’s allows us to determine how conservative or aggressive we need to be with our sales efforts and helps us to price products accordingly.
    3. Using the laser scanner as a type of independent check against our current “bucket“ volume measurements for final full load volumes.
    4. We can make faster and more informed decisions on who to use for raw materials based on our scale and volume measurements (Bulk density is very easily attained and tracked) to keep vendors in check on product quality.
    5. Instant driver feedback/coaching- as divers bring in loads, bing able to let them know their volumes each time allows them to bring in fuller legal-weight limit loads on jobs or from vendor location. This saves money on freight. Keeps drivers accountable for the volumes they are getting on their loads.
    6. Keeps vendors accountable for the product that they bring to us.

    In general, you may find that companies that value integrity and really have a good grasp on how their business is run will have the biggest appetite for this product, in my humble opinion.

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Load Volume

Capture accurate load volume measurement from all of your open top trucks.  Our advanced payload measurement system provides accurate volumes along with graphical load imagery from each load in real time.  The operation is extremely simple and provide measurement results in seconds.

Optional HD Images

You can add our HD Camera to any of our loadscanner systems to provide additional information for each of your loads.  This camera system provides a high definition snapshot of the load to further help operators manage their loads.

Portable Trailer Systems

Need to move from job to job? Our trailer systems are ideal for applications that require portability.

Truck Scale Integration

Are you utilizing a truck scale, or looking for real time material density?  Our load scanner systems can be interface to your truck scale.  The incorporation of our loadscanner system to your truck scale allows for you to capture material density calculations in real time and on a per truck basis.

Free App

Looking for a very simple and easy way to run your scanner system?  Well now you can run your scanner via our free iOS and Android app.  This app is ideal for smaller operations looking to allow their drivers to check themselves in and out of the scanner.

Advanced Reporting

Track and manage your load data in real time locally or via your cloud account.  You can view all of your ticket and stockpile data from anywhere with an internet connection.

Load Tickets

The Walz load scanner works very much like a truck scale and as such we provide load tickets for each load.  Our load tickets can be customized to include as much data as you require.  Furthermore we utilize QR delivery verification on all of our tickets.  This means that you can verify load deliveries and view location data via the cloud.

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